Tactical Equipment Supplies

Principal: Brian Barringer

Company History / Background

What role / niche does Get Tactical Supply fill in the area of tactical equipment?

When acquiring equipment for your mission, job, or hobby; the research is the most important component in the process. Quality, durability, dependability, or price are usually the deciding factors in choosing the right equipment for the right mission.

At Get Tactical Supply, we have taken the research out of the equation. With decades in the industry, partnerships with the people that actually USE the gear, partnered with previous Law Enforcement experience; We have handpicked each company that we represent. These companies are at the TOP Tier in the industry, “the best of the best”, the “Gucci Gear” that actually works and you can rely on.

Target Audience

What types of organizations / individuals do you work with?

Experience / Training / Education

When assisting customers how is your approach different from competitors?

What are common mistakes newcomers have when buying equipment?

How can these mistakes be avoided?

Mission / Goals

What types of products do you sell?

Five Words that you would use to describe your organization.