Aimpoint Acro Mounting Plate for Glock MOS

Aimpoint Acro Adapter for Glock MOS

Aimpoint is the recognized worldwide leader and innovator of red dot sighting technology. For over 40 years, they have been working closely with experienced hunters and marksmen as well as professional users around the world.

The Aimpoint Acro for Glock MOS Mount allows you to easily mount your Aimpoint Arco P-1 or C-1 red dot sight on your favorite optics ready pistol.

Details and Features:

  • This is not a Glock Factory Product, it is an after-market Product
  • Machined Steel
  • Black Oxide Finish
  • For Glock MOS Slides
  • Black

Fits: Aimpoint Acro Sights


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Aimpoint Acro Mounting Plate for Glock MOS