ESD Pull Tab

The ESD pull tab has been in development and under testing for over a year. This tool is designed to help increase the consistency of your adjustments when manipulating your ESD sling or a zipper. The design builds consistency because of its unique shape and how easy it is to grip when adjusting your ESD sling. ESD Pull tab is superior over the original ITW Zipline Orbit because its shape prevents slippage between your fingers when grabbed. The ESD pull tab shape allows you to grip it in a multitude of ways so that you can utilize it in the most effective way for you. The thickness and materials chosen for the ESD pull tab will withstand large temperature changes and help maintain rigidity so that you consistently find it when manipulating your ESD sling. The ESD pull tab can attach to any existing ESD sling, it can also be used for various zippers and competitors slings helping you to focus on your job at hand.


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