Lightforce Striker 850nM LED IR Driving Lights | 2 Pack

Striker IR LEDs are the latest infrared driving lights from Lightforce. Their rectangular shape gives them a rugged look on any 4X4 or SUV.


Striker LED Pair:

2 x Striker IR LED Driving Lights

2 x IR Spot filters

2 x Reversible mount and hardware

1 x User instructions

1 x DIY harness installation kit.

The Striker IR LEDs shape is the only thing even slightly square about them. Their IP68 and IP69K ingress protection rating means they can handle a roaring creek crossing and even a high-pressure wash after a little adventure in the mud and dust or while serving a warrant. Reduced radio interference technology allows you to operate communication equipment such as ham radios, CB, and FRS radios static-free. And a range of rectangular modular filters lets you modify the lights to suit any conditions. A pair of protective clear spot filters is included.

Operating at 850nM, they perform well with all types and generations of night vision and remain our most premium IR product offering. A complete wiring harness is also included for easy installation.


Emitter Type: LED IRCurrent Draw: 4.4 amps @ 13.2 Volts

Input Voltage: 10-30V

Beam Pattern: Driving

Approx Beam Distance: 700 yd

Housing: Coated Cast Steel

Water & Dust: GORE Protective Vent


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Lightforce Striker 850nM LED IR Driving Lights | 2 Pack



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