Blue Force Gear CHLK Belt

The CHLK Belt by BFG

The CHLK™ Belt Kit is a revolutionary approach to the modern battle belt – able to act as a low-profile pistol belt or a full capacity MOLLE belt kit. CHLK – short for “Combat Helo Load Rated Kit” – was designed and built around the needs of the helicopter assaulters. They needed a belt kit that was a super low profile with fewer snag liabilities and load rated to be able to ‘clip in’ and provide life-saving tethering to the aircraft.

Naturally Fitting

Your waist is not a barrel. Ever notice how your favorite, old leather belt has a well-established curve when you lay it on a table? That’s why it fits so well. With the CHLK Belt, we designed and sewn the belt already with this

Load Rated Tether Points & Buckle

Designed for the airborne units that double their war belts as safety equipment – the CHLK Belt – Combat Helo Load Rated Kit – has two semi-rigid tether points at the rear and the front left. Mil-spec load-rated webbing spans the circumference and connects with a battle-proven AustriAplin COBRA Buckle that will exceed the requirements for harness equipment.

Outer Belt

The outer belt is fully MOLLE compatible with MOLLEminus™ technology using slots instead of traditional webbing. The outer belt securely attaches to the inner belt with a hook and loop interface along with a load-rated COBRA™ buckle. Two external tether points – one on the front and one on the rear – allow the user to clip into a safety line when needed. The Lightweight MOLLEminus Belt is produced with a curve very similar to a worn leather belt for greater comfort and to eliminate unnatural ‘ride up’ with a flat produced war belt.

Inner Belt

The Belt Kit starts with an inner belt that is worn weaving through your pant loops and is reversible to be pattern matched and can be worn as a standalone pistol belt.

Fully MOLLE Compatible

The CHLK Belt uses MOLLEminus precision laser cut slots that can support a wide range of pouches with varying attachments – from MOLLE compatible Helium Whisper Attachment System, traditional MOLLE straps, clips, or belt-mounted pouches and holsters. With three “rows” pouches can be mounted at different heights for ease of access and comfort.


Blue Force Gear CHLK Belt


The ASR™ (ADJUSTABLE SAFETY RESTRAINT) LANYARD is designed to be used in conjunction with a load-rated belt as a travel restraint during transit in aircraft.

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