Blue Force Gear GRID Belt

Free Cobra Buckle Upgrade!!

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The GRID Belt (world premiere at Get Tactical Supply) The GRID Belt is the ULTIMATE tactical belt – Ideal for plain clothes carry, Law Enforcement duty rigs, tactical teams, sport shooters, or downrange time. The GRID Belt is built around an inner and outer belt system so the loaded belt stays in place while shooting or moving but with a superior design element. Both the inner and outer belt systems are designed with a revolutionary pre-stitched curvature set. Over time, belts begin to curve, molding to the shape of our bodies. The GRID belt fits correctly, right out of the box The belt is sewn with a natural bias like a well-worn belt with all the comfort, other gun belts are rigid and unforgiving. The GRID Belt can accommodate both belt-mounted pouches and holsters with the use of clips or adjustable belt loops or MOLLE pouches that can be woven through the slots or a mix of both belt and MOLLE-mounted solutions.

The GRID Belt comes standard with a BFG proprietary belt buckle, a Cobra Buckle is available as an upgrade. Order from Get Tactical Supply, and for a limited time get a FREE upgrade to Cobra Buckle at NO extra Cost ($34.95 value)

Please watch the video below on the proper way to size the belt.

If you’re looking for a pre-configured belt package CLICK HERE for the GTS Belt set-up (pre-built set-up)
If you are looking to build out your belt with all the industry’s top pouches and accessories CLICK HERE for the exclusive Build-A-Belt system



When in doubt, go up one size. For optimal stability, the ends of the GRID Belt need to overlap and secure to each other in contrast to other MOLLE belts where you would want it smaller.

Measured Waist Size (inches)

Recommended GRID Size (inches)


30 1/4” – 32 1/4”



32 1/2” – 34 1/2”



34 3/4” – 36 3/4”



37” – 39”



39 1/4” – 41 1/4”



41 1/2” – 43 1/2”



43 3/4” – 45 3/4”



46” – 48”



Weight:  <10 oz Fits:   30-44inch waist Features:   3×22-30 molle slots MolleminusTM fields Materials:   Ultracomp® laminate Tubular webbing; TEX 70 bonded nylon thread:  Rigid Composite Laminate

ULTRAcomp® – High-Performance Laminate

Blue Force Gear has attained the perfect blend of art and science to create a truly unique material – ULTRAcomp®. It combines the properties of a rubber-based laminate – resistance to tear, abrasion, water, bacteria, and fungus – and added a Cordura® fabric facing for color or pattern and reduced IR signature. This is a case where the sum is greater than its parts. The combined strength of the two materials becoming one allows us to push the limits on weight savings while exceeding established standards of strength and durability.


Low Dynamic Absorption *Percent of Weight Increase After Submerged in Water.
Material Increase
ULTRAcomp 5.6%
Squadron 11%
500D® 15%
1000D® 18%
—- 0
—- 0
—- 0
 Lighter by: (Up to) 12.4%!
Exceeding Tear Values *How many LBS it takes to warp/tear the material
Material Pounds
ULTRAcomp 134
Squadron 42.6
500D® 14.1
1000D® 55.5
—- 0
—- 0
—- 0
Stronger by: 78.5 lbs!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

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