JTACtical Solutions Tuckable Tourniquet Pouch

Carry two tourniquets on any MOLLE compatible armor carrier, LBV, chest rig, swift clip placard, etc, upfront on their centerline.

Unique, never before seen attachment method allows the tourniquets to be carried in a manner that does not cause the user to utilize any additional MOLLE real estate, have to move or remove existing pouches, or compromise their kit set up in any way.

Ideal for Military and Law Enforcement wishing to carry more tourniquets on their kit without having to change their setup or interfere with muscle memory.

  • Pouches place two tourniquets in an ideal location, easily accessible with either hand in the event one is injured/immobilized.
  • Pouch completely covers tourniquets, keeping them clean and protecting them from UV damage.
  • Pouch also doesn’t interfere with radios that are mounted in “wing” style pouches.
  • Will work with most tall and short MOLLE pouches.
  • Designed to fit CAT and SOFT-T tourniquets
  • Elastic on the sides of the pouch allows a wide range of similar-sized items to fit, such as handheld flashlights, multi-tools, etc.
  • Optimized to fit setups utilizing 6 columns of MOLLE webbing, or any other platform approximately the same size.


JTACtical Solutions Tuckable Tourniquet Pouch

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