MOHOC LASO Tactical Video Transmitter

LASO™ is a two-part booster system that extends a MOHOC® Camera’s existing WiFi streaming distance up to 10 times the stand-alone camera, line of sight up to 200m/650ft.

The transmitter unit accompanies the operator with the MOHOC® Camera; while the pre-paired viewer unit stays with those viewing the video on MOHOC’s iOS and Android apps. To optimize video transmission distance, image quality, and latency, a single MOHOC® Camera connects to each LASO™ pair.


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MOHOC LASO Tactical Video Transmitter



  • LASO Transmitter
  • LASO Viewer
  • (2) Batteries
  • (2) Micro USB charging cables
  • Quick Start Guide


LASO requires no cables and is water-resistant. It is MOLLE compatible to be easily body-worn or stored in a backpack.

Small, rugged, and easy-to-use, LASO is a rapidly deployed system that requires nothing more than turning on the equipment and opening the app.

LASO is the ideal Tactical Video Transmitter for both training and lives operations where short-range video streaming is required.

The many use-case scenarios include EOD, K9, room clearing, riot control, surveillance and training to name a few.


Size 90mm/3.5in x 106mm/4.2in x 45m/1.8in
Weight (Per Unit) 187grams/6.6oz
Wireless WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Viewing Platform MOHOC iOS & Android apps
Video Streaming Resolution 240p
Battery Up to 10 hours life, 2500mAh, removable and replaceable, charge by micro USB (included)
LED Battery Indicator Green=Full, Yellow=Medium, Red=Low
Water Resistance Rain and splashes
Durability 1m/3.3ft drop test
Attachment MOLLE compatible


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