Radian Weapons AFTERBURNER and RAMJET for Glock 17

The Radian® AFTERBURNER™ + RAMJET™ combo provides unprecedented recoil reduction and match-grade accuracy in a concealed carry package. The threadless barrel design allows for effortless installation/removal for cleaning, while LEGAL FOR SALE IN ALL 50 STATES*.

The AFTERBURNER™ compensator is machined from hardened 17- 4 SS and the RAMJET™ barrel is from hardened 416R SS; both are enhanced with a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating.  This combination achieves low friction, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance, making overall durability and erosion from muzzle blast a non-issue.

The INTRA-LOK® mounting system uses the taper lock principle; a tapered locking screw interfaces with an angled V-groove on the underside of the barrel. This perfectly times the compensator as it locks down onto the upper barrel profile on the muzzle end of the barrel.

INTRA-LOK® allows the user to simply slide the compensator over the barrel, and insert and tighten the locking screw, making for a simple and repeatable installation process. This system allows the user to easily remove the barrel from the slide for cleaning.

Installed onto a Glock™ G17™, the AFTERBURNER™ + RAMJET™ combo increases the overall length of the slide to a G17 ® allowing compatibility with all G17 holsters. Angled front faces on the AFTERBURNER aid in holstering.

This combination kit is for:  GLOCK G17 Gen 5 (or compatible)


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