HRT Gear LBAC Plate Carrier


HRT LBAC Plate Carrier

The HRT LBAC “Load Bearing Adaptive Carrier” is a multi-role load-bearing plate carrier that is designed to be extremely modular allowing user to navigate obstacles while providing comfort and support with additional weight. The core strength of the LBAC is our advanced chassis system, which makes carrying larger loads easier without the typical weight penalty. This is accomplished by using an ultra-lightweight, “stiffened” cummerbund core, creating a rigid system that can efficiently distribute weight over the entire user’s body. This removes pressure points common in traditional carrier designs by transferring weight to areas better suited to carry heavy loads. With it, packing extra munitions, breaching tools, or other mission essential gear is instantly more attainable.

HRT developed our LBAC from the ground up to be extremely flexible relying on experience and customer feedback.  In fact, our chassis’ default configuration can fit torsos 30” all the way to 60”, with our XL core we can support up to 58″. The shoulder straps are also widely adjustable, with configurable quick release buckles for either right-handed or left-handed shooters or be completely removed all together. The stiffened cummerbund core can be run slick, for maximum weight savings, or be configured with different sleeves based on your mission requirements. The LBAC is as close to “one-size-fit-all” as you can get, without sacrificing performance.

The carrier is made from 500 Denier Cordura treated with DuPont Teflon and has attachment points for an integrated Duraflex Buckle attachment system (Comes on HRT Placards) on the chest to instantly don/doff additional equipment based on your operational needs. Our proprietary dual back panel design features dual zipper sections to allow users to configure the back of the carrier with a multitude of panel options based on your specific tasks.

  • Chassis System “one-size-fits-all”
  • Rigid cummerbund for load-bearing support
  • Proprietary Dual back panel zippers for user configuration
  • Quick Release shoulder buckle can be configured to the left, right, or removed
  • 500 Denier Cordura placard Double Stitched outer carrier
  • Ultra light-weight yet comfortable base system for everyday deployment
  • Dual YKK zipper sections to add mission-specific panels
  • The airflow channel keeps the wearer cool. Optional Velcro pontoons or spacers can further extend comfort for a long period of use.
  • Large Carrier fits 10”x12” or SAPI Large
  • X-Large Carrier fits 11”x14” or X-Large SAPI plates


HRT Gear LBAC Plate Carrier

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