Milspec Plastics Cobra Cuffs Disposable Restraints

The Milspec Cobra Cuff disposable restraints are constructed of high-strength rubber-based polymer. These are the ONLY double-locking disposable restraints on the market. Double locks prevent the restraints from over-tightening and improves security by making them more resistant to shims/picks. They come preloaded and ready for the field, no assembly is required. Milspecs advanced rubber-based polymer has an improved shelf life over plastic-based disposable restraints. Milspec disposable restraints are resistant to becoming brittle after exposure to temperature extremes (hot & cold). These come folded up into a compact, tactical package ready for deployment.

  • Compact one-piece design with integrated folded straps & locking head
  • Pull tab is built in
  • Cobra cuffs come completely assembled for easy application
  • The easy-to-use double locking feature makes Cobra Cuffs extremely strong & pick-proof
  • Riveted straps provide officers extra leverage & control

The Blue Cobra Cuffs are re-usable for officer training purposes Only.



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