Radian Weapons Compressor Quick-Tune Guide Rod


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Most adjustable guide rods on the market use a cap screw to retain the spring. The problem? Loose screws are too common and the thread locker forces you to commit to one spring weight.

Enter the screwless design of the Radian COMPRESSOR Quick-Tune Guide Rod. The dovetail interface is captured by the spring, creating a simple and secure lock-up. Flutes along the guide rod allow the spring to move with less friction for smoother cycling. The heat-treated guide rod has a slick, durable, and corrosion-resistant Nitride finish.

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  • Screwless Design
  • For GLOCK G19™ GEN1-5, G19X™, and G45™
  • 13, 15, 18LB Springs included


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Radian Weapons Compressor Quick-Tune Guide Rod



1 – Hardened 17-4 SS Guide Rod

3 – Flat wire Springs in 13lb, 15lb, and 18 lb weights

1 – SS Washer for GEN3

1 – SS Bushing for Gen4 & Gen5 compatibility

1 – Spring compression tool


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